Welcome to the WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey, powered by SalaryOne.

The WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey is a comprehensive survey of Local Government workforce, remuneration and benefits and human resource management. On the web portal you can access the published report, view customised benchmarking, search salaries and access additional resources.

Contact WALGA [email protected] to participate in the survey and subscribe to the report and the portal.


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Recent Updates

11/08/21 – The 2021/22 annual survey has commenced. Log in and navigate to Survey.

20/04/20 - In the latest portal upgrade: (1) the remuneration calculator is now aligned with SAT total reward package formulas, (2) primary users in each Local Government can add, edit or delete other users in their organisation, (3) there is a new FAQ section in Resources, and (4) future newsletters will be sent directly from the portal, not a third-party app.