Welcome to the WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey, powered by SalaryOne.

The WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey is a comprehensive survey of Local Government workforce, remuneration and benefits and human resource management. On the web portal you can access the published report, view customised benchmarking, search salaries and access additional resources.

Contact WALGA [email protected] to participate in the survey and subscribe to the report and the portal.


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Recent Updates

29/10/18 - The annual Salary and Workforce Survey has started. After login, click on Survey in the top menu. Survey closing date is 21/12/18. Enquiries to [email protected].

21/09/18 - New 2 page benchmarking summary report that you can download in PDF for internal use. Click on dashboards and benchmarking summary, then open PDF report.

27/07/18 - On the salary search page you can now search position salary data by SAT band and/or ACLG code (Australian Classification of Local Government) but no longer by local government name. This was changed for privacy reasons. A list of local governments by SAT band and ACLG code has been added to Resources/Local Governments.